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Rudelzhausen v0.2
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Rudelzhausen v0.2

Soo, version 0.2 is da. There is some mistake on my part were removed. I hope it's more fun now.

Bug Fixes:
revised -Maistextur
away -most objects under the Map
-the lights on the BGA

In version V0.3 comes:
-dorf Is greater
-2ten forest
Texture when Hofsilo
Texture of the Land trade
-More fields

The version v0.3 will come about at Christmas.
If you high loads the map on an anderern page, you MUST write me (Fendt514c_Power) in the credits and you MUST use the original download link. It is FORBIDDEN to use another download link for the map.


  • Smitty
    2014-12-17 00:05
    yet again map way not finished.....at least the first beta the roads loaded...files missing map no where near compleated a time waste to even download and waste space....in your first beta the farm was set up better with your silage pit looked more authentic...but your loading pics on here from a farm that isnt finished please stop wasting our time finish the map...ta
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