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Ruebenhaendler v1.0
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Ruebenhaendler v1.0

Hu Hu, there he is again, bringing you a new mod.
And what a Mod?
Answer: -a
"Placeable Ruebenhaendler"
where you can sell your Rueben
Yes there is nothing else to describe further.
Mod was on Standart_Map Bjorn Holm tested (SP)
Mod has been tested on Standart_Map West Hill Bridge (MP)
Then I just hope that you can use her.
If there are problems with the mod please write about PN, ... Thank you
Oh, and even a trifle ... :) to the people who like to evaluate bad, does not bite the hand that feeds you ... For if you continue going with bad rate without specifying reasons, you will starve sometime .and I write on behalf of all modders who think as I ...
So that's it from me once and cut rings
.... Regards Ingo210578
my mods I create: Giants_Editor; Paintnet (graphics) and Notepad (text) nothing to do with the program: - Blender


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