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Rver Valley 15.4.1
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Rver Valley 15.4.1

The game world "River Valley" is assembled on the base map "MIG Map MadeInGermany Region Celle by Bullgore". An updated map "River Valley" - a compilation of successful cards and objects found on the Internet. Therefore, all the creators of maps and objects used in this map - THANK YOU! For questions, comments and additional information on the map, as well as modes for the map, you can find a support group in the social network "VKontakte" - http://vk.com/mgtaurus

Bullgore (de) & STARiK (ru)

  • Starik
    2015-12-14 20:05
    Admin Please correct the title map NOT "RVER VALLEY" to "RIVER VALLEY" or russian "Речная долина"!
  • Farmerr64
    2015-12-16 02:29
    this is a corrupt link to file, do not download. Adim find another download site!!
  • Toby king
    2015-12-20 05:50
    you spelled river wrong you spell it like rver not river
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