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Salem South Dakota FS15 V1.0
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Salem South Dakota FS15 V1.0

4X times the standard map size, mostly flat land, rolling in some spots.
Roads are one mile by one mile sections
Fields are scaled slightly smaller than in real life, but are still quite large
Two Interstate highways
Two towns, one based on a small Midwestern town; the other based on a city
The small town has a small town feel; a school, church, 4-H barn, and Cenex gas station.
The city has a Wal-mart, Mcdonalds, a mall, and lots of asphalt.

Most of the Models, Creator: Jamie Feterl aka Feterlj Misc. objects: Giants Testing and ideas: Andy Koch, IH86, CC Manager Bryc and AlbertL (grou Old Windmill: Hermit23, FS_UK Testers Round Barn: Hermit23, Giants for the water texture, and www.CGTextures.com Canadian Dairy Robot Barn: Fraser Cow Static Ducks objects: Sandgroper, Conversion To FS15: Bourgeois67 Ground Textures By Geneborg

  • John
    2015-01-19 23:35
    I love that you start out in a house.. the old lady drinking a Pabst Blue Ribbon is class! HUGH map is awesome.. will keep me busy for awhile.
  • Guest
    2015-01-20 04:12
    Ya.. well.. I get it a try and when you purchase items and they spawn in the middle of no where in a field.. ya.. not so much quality for my taste. The map is BIG though, so big I tried to find actual trees to test a chipper on and 10 minutes later I still only found non usable "trees" (I would guess because the map is so big using actual in game trees would slow play down even more then it is on this map.
  • Guest
    2015-01-20 04:13
    Did I mention it is a BIG map though? The PDA is well done.. well outside of all the icons are just off a different map overlay or something because none of them actually is where anything is.. Ya the map may have potential but as of this build.. 3 out of 10 is the best i could give it. Oh.. ya did I mention it is a BIG map?
  • Chuck adkins
    2015-01-20 04:21
    The corn sheller is a great. Plus the parking lot at the Empire mall is way better than the real thing.
  • Gadevil
    2015-01-20 04:36
    I am one of the admin on the site where the creator of this map calls home. He is one of our partner site, and has not given permission for anyone to convert and release this map. I ask politely now that the map be taken down out of respect not only for the modder who built it, but also for the respect of the soldiers who put their lives on the line every day for you to be able to run a site like this.Please be respectful enough to remove this map.
  • Guest
    2015-01-20 04:42
    @Bourgeois67 and Modhub admin, please provide evidence this map was allowed to be redone and published on this or any other site by anyone other than the original author.The rights to the work on this map are legally bound and no permission has been given.As stated above by GADEVIL, Feterlj is serving our country in the armed forces, this is a travesty to his hard work and current position.
  • Rob


    2015-01-20 05:51
    Man what happen to this site? Allowing rips from other modders work? No way. This better get taken off now. I did see from another site a warning from the mod creator about this type of action. If I was the operator of this site I would remove it fast and remind people not take credit for other works. Might not do any good for the warning but at least the warning was made. Come on now and respect other people's work. Now!
  • Guest
    2015-01-20 06:33
    Not to get into a big war here... and if the map was not to be posted then it should be down.... but how does bringing the military into this make any sense at all? I mean thank you for serving and protecting us and our freedoms.. but it has nothing to do with the map being up here in any real way. Id take it down out of respect for the person who is building it if they do not want it up here..
  • Guest
    2015-01-20 06:34
    but playing the military card on a website of mods Cmon man.. there are so many more important things then a mod site to bring up the military. Respect the men and women by not using them as excuses to remove something from a site. They deserve more. :)
  • Ozgamer
    2015-01-20 08:00
    this person steals peoples maps this isn't the first time, he's pulled this crap. he stole demetz walter's work as well. I've downloaded this map elsewhere, Thomas should be ashamed of himself, chances are he's a kid with nothing better to do, than steal OP's work and pass it off as his own. one reason why I wont get into modding because plagiarism and copyright theft runs riot.
  • Name
    2015-01-20 09:38
    As someone who is in the military and plays this game, I can respect the modder not wanting this on other sites, but as a guy serving, please don't use us to fight a stupid mod war, bringing us into this makes it seem like, in your eyes, that this mod is just as important as I am, which is a crock of crap, to expand your words, we serve so that you have the right to play this game, just saying
  • Gadevil
    2015-01-20 20:18
    Name, The reason for my stating he is serving our country is not to use that as a reason to take down the map, but to point out that by the person who uploaded this map doing so, he is disrespecting the very people who give him the freedom to run this site. If it wasn't for what you, and FeterlJ does, then the one who posted this map, and the one who runs this site wouldn't be able to have the freedoms they have as Americans.
  • Gadevil
    2015-01-20 20:19
    That is the reason I brought up the fact he serves, to get you guys the respect you deserve.
  • Name
    2015-01-20 22:42
    Mod hub is always ripping off peoples work including mine and it makes me sick
  • Ozgamer
    2015-01-21 00:47
    this is why farming sim as a community will die, a slow and painful death. because modhub are nothing better than criminals. you should be ashamed of yourselves. I wont support this site any longer. because of your criminial behaviour.
  • Old coger
    2015-01-24 04:05
    I agree with everything said here. I have tried through forum searches to find some legit mod sights no luck. Maybe someone could point me in the right direction. For starters where do I get a legal copy of this map no one mentioned that. And apparently modhub is not interested in what you guys have to say the map still here. They are probably the ones stealing anyway
  • Gadevil
    2015-01-25 02:25
    Old Coger, this map has not been converted legally to 2015. You can get the 2013 version by going to FeterlJ's website:http://www.fet3d.net/That is the official site for FeterlJ. You can also access the map from AmericanIronModding.org as we have a direct link to FeterlJ's site on our site.
  • Georgiafarmer
    2015-01-27 10:04
    This isn't right! This map should be Taken Down Now! The owner of the map did not convert this!
  • Cody
    2015-08-14 03:43
    You can get it for fs2013 on www.fs-uk.com and www.americaneaglesmodding.com too. It was put there by Feterlj himself. Like Gadevil said, you can also get it on Feterlj's website and a lot of other great South Dakota maps too. Try Dakota 16. He just put it out recently. It's the second known 16x map for farming simulator 2013. That's 16 times bigger than Hagenstedt or Westbridge Hills!
  • Gord
    2015-08-22 07:56
    I had a feeling this was a cheap copy. The original is sparce on detail because of size. This looks like a 5 year old did it. Ripped off by a HACK.......
  • Fnin grow up
    2015-10-26 05:40
  • Blacky
    2016-02-23 09:16
    i downloaded this map and don't show on the game at all what waste it should've been called everywhere usa map mod or west river and east river salem SD
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