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Sample Mod v1.0
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Sample Mod v1.0

Hello Dear LS community,
With this mod you can make objects placeable, You can only make objects placeable when they have no moving parts or animations.
example: Buildings with doors that can be opened with O (or other buttons), can not be made placeable
IMPORTANT! You should know the basics of modding to make objects placeable.
Otherwise, a simple tutorial in the mod itself is included that explains how to make objects placeable.
If there are problems with the mod please send me an PM
You can change the mod and upload it.


  • Farming fool
    2015-10-19 02:47
    ummm yeah, about your "simple" tutorial? wanna try making one in english? google translate just makes it completely non understandable.from what i can gather this mod shows by example what to type into a xml doc to makes GE items such as trailers, tents buildings with NO moving parts etc into store purchasable placeable items in the mod section of the mod store?who am i kidding, i wont get a reply here lol sigh
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