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Sauter 1000kg v1.0
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Sauter 1000kg v1.0

Sauter 1000kg weight with 3-point hitch and hitch room
A 1000kg weight which can not only be used for ballasting but also as a growing room. It has a towing jaw and space for an attachment.
For front and rear mounted
Chain serves as a top link for attached devices
The hitch itself Trailer Hitch leave without being able to lose ballasting the tractor (front loaders, etc.)
If dirty, washable

Info / Installation:
Price: 2500 LS €
Upkeep: 5 LS €

Volume: -
Polys: 8.7k polygons
Files in archive: 13
Installation: Copy to your mod folder.
Support: fendtfan1.de/support

Modell: Fendtfan1
Textur: Fendtfan1
Ingame: Fendtfan1
Tipps: rafftnix
Script: Grisu118

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