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Save Game Editor
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Save Game Editor

Here is save game editor for FS 2013.
Mod version: v 1.0.
This program allow you to edit your savegame.

- Rewrite all base code
- Automatic detection animals
- Supports for standard and mod map
- Supports old Farming simulator 2013 savegame.
How to use:
- Just press "Load Save Game" button, then locate your save game folder;
- Set all new value by click and write
- Press "Write Changes" button to save modification
- Run your game.


  • Eng51ine
    2016-08-31 04:12
    Won't let me select anything other than the "documents" folder and says it is for LS13
  • Roby
    2016-08-31 09:45
  • Name
    2016-08-31 12:04
    Its for fs13 clearly states it in description its just been uploaded wrongly
  • Darnijll
    2016-08-31 12:39
    Nope, this is for both FS13 and FS15.The UGLY thing is that this is a mod made by a good italian modder (ClodTIF) that stopped releasing mods because of this mod stealers.So THIS IS NOT A MOD MADE BY JBK!!!!!!!!You can find this mod on modhoster on november 1st 2014 by ClodTIF himself, and you will see that its the same thing, the only thing that JBK did is a rezip with a different zip name, th-th-th-that's all folks!
  • Victoria
    2016-08-31 18:37
    JBK seems to take alot of peoples uploads , download then upload again as his
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