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Savegame Bjorn Holm v1.0
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Savegame Bjorn Holm v1.0

Hi farmers out there,
I once made a slight effort to upload a slightly different savegame. Here you purely garnix and I mean it.
To me it has always displeased that you always have the same starting conditions. Therefore, I simply times created another start condition.

Your CLOCK CLOCK OPA has died after a very long and successful life, and he had love you very much. All he has worked with his job, he has put in a small Hoff. And now you have inherited it. For this you will receive 500,000 euros and no debt. A small tractor with a trailer and weight he has been able to afford. Well but the rest of you have to get you. It is now to decide what you really need at the outset to you. Oh a field have any more ...
Recommended Mods: ZZZ_FeldSell (not included) = thus can be fields and Sell!
The savegame is 100% capable Mod
I hope you have fun with it!


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