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Savegame Westbridge Hills v1.0
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Savegame Westbridge Hills v1.0

Hello there,
So for all the farmers out there want to finally once again have a challange this savegame is intended.
Very important: >>> There the gold addon is required <<<

Level: Difficult - Very heavy
Fields: Number 6
Credit: 300000 Euro
Balance beat: 17000 Euro
In Silo: 8.5 tons of wheat

Start Vehicles: T4.75 PowerStar NH, Comia C6, Brantner E8041, Crystal 12045, + Accessories
History: The administrator of the Hoffe Emalige has always thought only of money and so bought only the most necessary. Thus, it is up to you to make the Hoff back to what he once was.
I wish you much fun!


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