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Savena Valley v1.3 GMM/GMK + Soilmod
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Savena Valley v1.3 GMM/GMK + Soilmod

Version 1.3 GMM/GMK + Soilmod
- Fixed prices of animals
- Fixed some floating trees
- Fixed navmesh of sheep&cows
- Smoothed a hole in field 13

In middle-northern area of Italy, just over Appennines, a fertile strip of land between two rivers host your home. Typical farming of the area is cyclic by fields, like the same field will be one year wheat (or barley), one year of potatoes (or sugarbeet) and so 3-4 years of a mix of "grass" made by alfalfa and klee, so deep plow and restart. Sunflower, mais, rye and oat are less "popular" and often used by "young" farmers.
Few satellite farm, mainly garage or storages, are around to made your job better. You will start with 4 fields, but you will able to get all 32.
The map is designed to be self-sustainable, giving way to use what you get from animals and fields to produce yourself seeds, fertilizer, compost (as manure). Fruit installed in the map are: wheat, barley, rape, maize, potato, sugarBeet, klee, luzerne, oat, rye, sunflower.


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