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Sawmill Track Pack v1.0
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Sawmill Track Pack v1.0

Hello to all of you .... :)
Upon request, I will give you the placeable Mod "Saegewerk_Gleis" Upload time, I really wanted to keep it to myself, so do not bitches around.
Because yes is people do not appreciate the effort I had only considered whether I upload.

The mod as of yet not mature, but I'll go with klar.Also for Leut who might be interested.
-Stichwort: It is not a master yet fallen from the sky!

This is also first be my last mod for you, thanks to you for many test and download.

on this model:
And although I have times quickly create me a finished track to the sawmill, it was first only ne stopgap for bissherigen Zugtransportset.
"Very important!"
I have to cross on the black spot, next to the seed (farm) place, coordinates are displayed on a screen prisoner annoyed it not indicate skin.

x: 140
y: 148
z: 60

The pack must be unpacked. (.... Zip unzip the modfolder)
And one more thing, the track to the sawmill is only for "Bjorn Holm"

In the pack: -1 Lok (revised)
-1 Waggon_Holz (revised)

Furthermore, you must still Schrittgeschwindigtkeit (max. 15 km / h) take corners, have not yet found another solution to the fast to fix.
Add to Gleis_Kurven is no collision, for better cornering (underground installed)
on the straight track from the collision is installed, installed monorail aids, according Gleis_Kurvenausgang.
And as described in the other mod's, I will convert all pack's in a V2 and completely rebuild, but it will cost just about time.
The rest of the pictures tell.
So that's it from me now.
MfG Ingo210578


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