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Sawmill TwoRivers placeable v1.0
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Sawmill TwoRivers placeable v1.0

Saegewerk aus TwoRivers plazierbar LS15 V1
Here's to all who would like to have the Saegwerk from TwoRivers on other maps in the placeable version.
The surface should already be on a larger area precisely.
The operation is identsich the sawmill Marhu, but with the following sub-Scheid. As fuel only straw or wood chips out of the question, no wool.
Timber is unloaded in the yellow black edged box, straw or wood chips before the boiler house in the tripartite wood edging.
The emptying of the resulting wood chips made on the slide at Holzspännespeicher, simply including driving with a shovel, then fills the bucket.
Does not work with a trailer!
The individual levels can you read in the hall at the information board.

Modell und Textur: ElCid
Fabrikscript und Animation: Marhu
Ingame und Anpassung der Animation: Festus

  • Jualmas
    2015-07-22 04:31
    Parabens, wonderful. Continue improving.Tip: Improve graph of sawdust when loading shovel.
  • Joao rios
    2015-08-05 12:58
    parabens pelo exelente trabalho mas tem de evoluir este mod e tambem fazer em mod normal para aplicar como placeable no mapa que quisermos meter funcionar corretamente este e o das alfaces for├ža pessoal :)
  • Zzzzz
    2016-01-03 04:02
    works pretty well for me, I just can't figure out where to retrieve the woodchips when it says "woodchips Full" I figured out how to fill the fuel box with woodchips, but not how to empty the chip box when its full.
  • Ric


    2016-11-07 06:42
    convert for fs17?
  • Name
    2016-12-14 23:34
    how do you put fuel in
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