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Sawmill v1.1.0 #2 Beta
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Sawmill v1.1.0 #2 Beta

Funky "Sa July 9, 2016, 08:34 Here is my version of placeable sawmill.
Thank you again to Marhu that I got a release.
To or are Attachments:
Factory Script LUA version: 1.5.0
exchanged Pallettentextur
Adjusted height of the sawmill to the ground
Fill volume values ??have been changed.
Wood trigger was taken Higher and Wider now is of manual unloading not unbending more necessary.
A paved floor panel
Angle House (combined)
Shelter barn (original)
Masonry around + Hecke and driveway
smidgen Deko
three bottom plate textures .. to bags as an extra who my dislike :( -)
Otherwise, everything has been preserved by Marhu, was held just a gimmick and out of trouble herraus because I had found on the Sosnovka and the other original maps no rational place and the sawmill bask so ausschaute nackich.
!!Danger!! The placement!
It is a little hard to find a place as this object is very large.
I offer you here a little help in order not to have to look far.
Possible placement are currently on .:
Bjorn Holm: in box 4 or box 40 ... no way around
Westbridge Hills: Field 1 Field 3 Field 4 or Section 18 ... further options open ...
Sosnovka: almost everywhere ... most suitable field 31 with driveway to the garden center
Hope could you a little help with it.
ps. with a grassy area and some placeable trees around it looks quite Kind of.

Textur: ...
Script: Marhu
Idee / Konzept: Marhu/Funky
Tester: ....
Sonstige: ....

  • Tobias
    2016-09-18 11:00
    no fuel accept
  • Knut87
    2016-10-19 01:53
    i can't get too fill fuel.. how do that work??
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