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Scania 143H VariableBody v1.0 clean
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Scania 143H VariableBody v1.0 clean

Here is my Scania 143H Variable Body LS15
... Restored and polished ...

Who does not like, simply NOT upload
* Conversion from LS13 LS15 on standard without washable!
* Changed size
* Vmax: 92km / h
* Rear work light
* Attacher: low, normal, semi-trailer
* Rulebalken
* Variable Body: truck, trailer and Service
* Support (ONLY function when the service Farmer):
fuel, seeds, fertilizer
* ... And other little things

Have fun with it ... TheSecretLife
It is prohibited to upload this mod again, not even in modified form!

Urmodder nicht bekannt
Edit/Skin/LS11,LS13,LS15: TheSecretLife TSL

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