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Scania R730 animal transports v1.3
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Scania R730 animal transports v1.3

Here is my edit / reskin of Scania animal transport made by scania_Power, the mod has been edited and reskinata "Pezzaioli transport of live animals," one of the largest companies of livestock in Italy, thanks to Scania_power for permission to publish the my edit, I added many details, hope you like it! have fun!

Trucks and trailers Capacity:

It is forbidden this mod or parts thereof, upload new, not even in modified form!
On other pages with original download link.

It is forbidden to upload this mod or parts thereof again, even in the form of altered!
On other pages only with original download link!
Best regard: Gianlufarmer92

Original model: SCS/ETS2, Scania Power, Little_Arti, sirandre ,JoPim/ Edit/reskin: Gianlufarmer92

  • Jairo gamer
    2015-12-14 21:30 Send message
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    da jemand kann mir sagen, in dem ich diese Karte mod verwenden?someone there can tell me in which I can use this map mod?alguem ai pode me Dizer em qua mapa eu Posso USAR ESSE mod?
  • Anpaes
    2015-12-15 15:36 Send message
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    hello jairo this mod so you can use the maps where tenjan production animals such as pig, cattle, horse, chickens. ETR.
  • Indre
    2015-12-15 17:21 Send message
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    why cant it take cows?
  • Jairo gamer
    2015-12-16 14:54 Send message
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    valeu cara mas qual mapa eu posso usar esse caminhão por que eu sou brasileiro e não entendo muito alemão e ingles.expensive but worth map which I can use this truck because I am Brazilian and I do not understand a lot of German and Englishteuer, aber lohnt Karte, die ich diese LKW zu verwenden, weil ich bin Brasilianer und ich weiß nicht viel Deutsch und Englisch verstehen,
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