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Schildalp Map v1.0
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Schildalp Map v1.0

Dear Ls player
Here I present you my Map available!
The Schildalp is a mountainous Map that is to say it has quite small and steep fields!
Because this is my first real map that I have built, I have added no other textures (except for the Grass texture). Also includes a few buildings of Bjorn Holm.

The map has 3 farms:
Hof 1 = The Kuhbetrieb
Hof 2 = The sheep + chicken operation
Hof 3 = The LU and farming operation
The map has no advanced features, they just have the standard functions. You funktoniert without error in multiplayer!
I would like to say thank you to all who put their super building elsewhere on Modhoster or available!
If you have discovered errors, please do not complain but please just write in the comments then I can maybe improve :)

The map may not be uploaded as it is now nor changed without my permission on other sites!
And now I wish you much fun while playing!
PS: Since the map is steep could someone a bit of experience in the modding does not attach to a pair of tractors so thin twin tires? would be nice!;)


  • Rogerio
    2015-07-25 19:10
    hello all right, I downloaded your map but can not install, it is necessary to download other mods? [do not know if you will shortly conceguir understand is that I'm using google translator.]
  • Name
    2015-07-26 17:25
    No, you have to rename the zip file... Replace the - by _ ;)
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