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Schleswig Holstein Map v1.0
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Schleswig Holstein Map v1.0

Schleswig Holstein Map
Moin, now here is the perhaps more famous 4x Map of LS. 13
There are a lot of new features added as well as some landed on the dung. The Broad Map I but as far as possible get.
The main courtyard has remained roughly in the middle, there are then also the numerous storage facilities for the vehicles. Likewise, the chicken, the original dairy industry, and of course the farm silos. Also added is there the Seedmaster and the broiler.
Further north is the big pig, just adjacent to the BGA and one of the two Fermentingsilos.
Southwest is the large dairy industry (it must be traveled no milk).
Further, on the Map installed:
Concrete, gravel pit, large bakery, wind and water mill, 2 Mixstationen, 2 Drover, refinery, 2 garden centers, 3 butchers, Kuhmast, sheep fattening, manure dung Purchase, VerladeBhf, original wood industry as well as carpentry, Pallet production and of course many outlets.
I hope you like the Schleswig Holstein Map and look forward to further suggestions for a possible update.
The download will be some needed mods. Unzip, copy the files from the mods folder and Map.zip in your modfolder and off you go.
The mods are: UPK, greenFertilizer, GMM, choppedStroh, greenDirektCut.
A word to the built-up of my mods.
I thank you expressly for the Urmoddern because without you LS would be only half as good.
(Of course, since I have about 1 year needed to create the map a lot of mods have accumulated. All modders to mention in the credits Unfortunately, I no longer possible.)

(Da ich etwa 1 Jahr gebraucht habe um die Map zu erstellen haben sich natürlich sehr viele Mods angesammelt. Alle Modder in den Credits zu erwähnen ist mir leider nicht mehr möglich.)

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