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Schmitz SKI 24 v1.1 mit Farbwahl
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Schmitz SKI 24 v1.1 mit Farbwahl

Hey together
Today I release my Schmitz Cargobull 34m³ SKI 24 tipper Stahlmulde.

Please remember:
It is a BETA and I hope with your constructive criticism to make the most of this mod out!

First of all:
Here is our facebook page which pleased Likes and where you always learn about updates of L33T:
L33T community on FB
and here our YouTube channel which pleased Abo's and where you always hear about new Great mods and games:
L33T community on Youtube

Model: Illuminated (up to a balcony and tires SCS)
AO & texture: Illuminated (up to a balcony and tires SCS)
Tris: 57024
VRAM: 12:59 MB

Built-up scripts:
PlayStandAnim & toggleAnimatedParts
Have fun while testing and playing!

In the V1 Planned:
Improved Plane
Improved particle system
Plane to cover the trough

And now:
The mod can be made on no account without at least one request from me so
be asked to vefügung or in modified form to dowload!


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