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Selfmade currycomb v1.0
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Selfmade currycomb v1.0

Hi Guys,
We offer you an alternative to regular use of herbicides.
This homemade Striegel you can do without chemical plant protection and easy curry out the weeds as organic farming. But this can also be an alternative for conventionally managed farms.
In practice, one grooms to the development stage of Bestockens (BBCH29), rarely in plants fired stocks.
On the regular market, there is, among other things, for example, Striegel of Einböck, Hatzenbichler, Treffler, ...
This is a small change in the optical Urmodders Agrotron165 and asked for you with express permission from us to download.
If you like it so we look forward to your feedback and could imagine possibly even a V2 of the harrow and possibly also a hack device to modding, modders can make your cultivator or similar available gladly report via PM.
Thinking in alternatives has never hurt if you are inclined attempts halt once made.
Pertinent criticism is welcome, but all permanent whiners is short, that you are not obliged to do so, DOWNLOAD mods from others who took time for it.

Agrotron165, Feuertanz

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