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Serpentine Road & House & Long Way Small v7.0
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Serpentine Road & House & Long Way Small v7.0

I opened serpentine road and added 85% more: roads, buildings, tunnels, serpentines, hills, houses and other things. Original road get redesingned.

Version 5.0 updates:
-Named two cities:Montana and Premontana
-Garage available to buy/save/edit name
-Truck dealer available
-Compatible with last version and some another mods

Version 6.0 updates:
-Add new signs
-More vegetation
-Comaptible with 1.16.X

Version 7.0 updates:
-Redesigned 60%
-Truck Dealer available “DAF”
-Now working 100% with all mods and maps
-Changed folder size (keep only mod sectors)
-Compatible with 1.16.X


  • Anderson
    2015-02-24 18:23
    exactly fs2015 ?)))))
  • Freestate farmer
    2015-02-24 19:05
    Dude!!!! Wrong post!!! This one is truck simulator 2!!!!!
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