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Sheriff Pickup v1.0
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Sheriff Pickup v1.0

Hi LS community
here I have for you, matching the placeable sheriff office, a sheriff pickup.
A few days ago a few people are raced fairly quickly over the map with us in multiplayer. Then the idea that there surely missing a policing emerged. Then this mod has been created.
It is the pick of the game, umgeskinnt, but still with color choice. The tires were changed, he got a bull-horn and another. It is equipped with American flashing lights and siren US, which concerns together with the RUL's and of course from;-)
Furthermore, the driver was umgeskinnt and scored a hat.
Otherwise, everything is just like the original.

Mod name: PickUp_Sheriff
Authors: 112TEC | schwaki
Date: 12/2014
Model: GIANTS, 112TEC | schwaki
Script: 112TEC | schwaki
No new publication without the consent of 112TEC | schwaki.
For me, the log is error-free!
Look at the pictures say more than 1000 words.
Have fun with it!
1. Publication only with original download link. NOT a substitute Link
2. No publication Neutexturierung, model change or parts of the mods.
Releases I reserve on request.

Modname: PickUp_Sheriff
Autoren: 112TEC|schwaki
Datum: 12/2014
Modell: GIANTS, 112TEC|schwaki
Script: 112TEC|schwaki
Keine neue Veröffentlichung ohne die Zustimmung von 112TEC|schwaki.

  • Mag


    2014-12-03 10:13
    Not even a Ford lol. Its more of a 2008 Dodge design. Ford is more blocky in the front end.
  • Some random guy
    2014-12-03 19:40
    Copyright? That's funny...
  • Dle444
    2014-12-04 16:10
    how about a police bike the one I see in the pic
  • Sonny jim
    2015-01-02 03:00
    Hi, I was just wondering if you could make a John Deere Gator?? thanks
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