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Sherwood Park Farm by Stevie T1 pre-release
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Sherwood Park Farm by Stevie T1 pre-release

Sherwood Park Farm. T1 public pre release.

Map features:
2 farms
29 fields and one free grassed meadow.
Natural rolling landscape..
Fields that suite any level of single player to demanding multiplayer fields, the guys at Pluma Plow having been testing the map online for a while now..
Advanced knowledge of course play required.
Tested with Auto Combine
Multifruit, soil mod, damage mod, chopped straw, damage and repair and dirt and terrain control.
Animal fattening, separate animal zone with natural release triggers for fattened animals.
Custom missions, demand, Jobs and gold coin challenge.
Huge riverside forestry section running nearly the length of the map plus a north east forestry section with 2 sawmills.
Traffic and pedestrians.
Grain drying mill which out puts dried grains which can be transported to the water flour mill and turned to flour pallets.
Home produce area with greenhouses that produce pumpkin, tomato, red cabbage, cauliflower and lettuce. To be expanded in future.
Dairy with food processing building which will be expanded in future. Sell triggers here for hmilk, milk, eggs and pallet goods.
Compost factory and potato processing site.
Empty fenced placeable lot's for your own map expansion.
Auto gates and lighting around the map.
There are many ways to make money, have fun and pass time by in Sherwood Park Farm.
Fields that suite any level of single player to demanding multiplayer fields, the guys at Pluma Plow having been testing the map online for a while now..
Thanks to all the Facebook page users for feedback and sugestions on the first pre-release.

Have fun with it.

Original by Giant's mod map by Stevie.

Dorset for some textures from his pack.

Map design and creation, Stevie, Custom models, textures and testing Luke_BK and Stevie. Installed mods, textures and scripts by: Farmer_Andy, Marhu, Blacky_BPG RC_Devil, Robbie FS_UK, Eisbearg, Stevie, WillSavage, sandgroper, Fatian, mngrazy, NI_modding, Upsidedown, Decker_MMIV, Dundee98, KimG, Vertex_Design, Spieler11 and Webalizer.

  • Firez34
    2016-07-01 13:41
    Upto now I'm aware of the stuck coin on top of the SE tunnel, this has been fixed ready for next weeks full map release.
  • Blacky
    2016-07-01 13:55
    i wish you can make this map mod into rar file i like to play this map looks awesome
  • Vytautas serios farmer
    2016-07-01 14:51
    What the maps for crooked Slave durdomas
  • Donnie
    2016-07-01 16:30
    yall make maps so good you need to make placeable mud
  • Thefarmer
    2016-07-01 16:34
    the same textures same mods ( washed potatoes etc. etc.) water plane horrific null null this map horrificcccccccc
  • Firez34
    2016-07-01 16:38
  • Another_name
    2016-07-01 19:06
    "Firez34 eats weenies". WOW! You are probably very proud of yourself, to write such words? Maybe this is what you really meant to write: Looking forward to the big release! I will download it, and let you know if I find any issues. Kind Regards. It is very hard to write like that. But maybe one day, you will be able to do so. Until then. Have a nice day.
  • Another_name
    2016-07-01 19:08
    Hi Steve! It looks like a really nice map. I will give it a try, when able. And i have seen Puma Plow play on it. From what I could see, it looked very nice. And they will continue play it every saturday. Keep up the good work!Kind Regards.
  • Grgr
    2016-07-01 20:31
    c'est de la merde comme habitue !!!
  • Set43
    2016-07-01 22:10
    Nice map Stevie!
  • Rocko
    2016-07-01 23:40
    Steve if you know who this clown is email me his info I will be glad to go slap her around for you..Good job
  • Jon edwards
    2016-07-01 23:52
    Hey Stevie, pay no attention to the kids who do not understand map making, I think this is a great map. As regards it being a pre-release, so what, it gives us a view of what is to come, having played some of your other maps, I know they will be great ...
  • Jon edwards
    2016-07-01 23:54
    Pre-release means that there are a few more changes to come, it is no different from a beta version of some software, or a game, I don't see the kids complaining about that!!! do you. So keep up the great work and don't let these negative comments get you down
  • Jon


    2016-07-02 02:06
    Lol ROCKO EATS TUBESTEAK that is so hilarious!!
  • Not_too_confused
    2016-07-02 02:50
    What is Tubesteak? I Need Help Jon!
  • Dont feed him.
    2016-07-02 10:26
    Its just a pathetic troll who is trying to pest this site with his comments. I´ve seen several maps including Stevies which has been commented by that looser. If you feed him with comments, his shallow life is fed. Ignore the bastard. However....this map by Stevie is great. :-)
  • Thefarmer
    2016-07-02 10:51
    @DONT FEED HIM you are a goonie all the maps of Stevie always the same story textures mods plane horrific color cartoon for me he is a medium modder and you are a Goonie
  • Firez34
    2016-07-02 13:56
    THEFARMER Thanks for the compliment I don't even see myself as a medium modder, My maps look like they do as that's how I like them to look. Your opinion is fine, I make my maps and use modhub to distribute them as many other modsites trawl it for new mods. I don't care about the comments. People like or dislike my maps, simple that's fine by me. Have a nice day.
  • Warondar
    2016-07-02 16:21
    Stevie is one of the best map makers out there, and a great guy as well. Not too many modders like him around anymore. Does all this great work for free and keeps adding more diversity to the game. Got a problem with the map? Let him know, he takes criticism, and fixes problems quickly.But what some of you are saying is a personal attack on a great guy who's done lots for the FS community. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's willing to stand up for him and support him.
  • Unreal comments
    2016-07-03 21:16
    Such mean nasty comments. Way to treat the people that actually do this for free and provide great mods for your enjoyment. If you don't like it, don't download it. Plain and simple. You people are horrible and are unwelcome in this community. What a shame for people that have a passion for this game to have to put up with disrespectful clowns like yourself. Grow up and be respectful of peoples work.
  • Richie b
    2016-07-04 19:58
    Well Stevie I was intrigued by all the nasty comments about you, so this old man decided to have a go. So I had a go at downloading it, I had a bit of a struggle at first as all I know about computers is you press a button and it works, but got there in the end. Well I've had a drive round and you know what, I don't know what there moaning about, this old man of 74 is looking forward to playing another great map made by yourself.
  • Rocko
    2016-07-05 02:34
    keep up the good work Stevie
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