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Silage cutter v4.0
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Silage cutter v4.0

I present to you today my current router 3.0 available!

Version 4.0
Funktion für HeapTipTrigger.

Some still know from the LS13.
The cutter can mill silage, Chaff, manure, hay, grass, straw and wood chips mixed feed.
It is washable!
You can choose the color.
Have they done something smaller than in the LS13 version
The router has built the same function as a shovel and because I'm too lazy to shovel I have this router.
Because where you can get in touch with the blade something there goes the tiller.
Potatoes and sugar beets, I have not added because I have no mashed potatoes Particle found.

Version 3.0!
Rollers now run by!
Partikle has been added!
Sound has been changed!
Script was improved.

Thanks to my buddy !!!! MNgrazy for support

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  • Lukas
    2016-09-10 07:42
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    What map is that where you store grass and it says how much you have next to the pile?
  • Bigfarmer
    2016-10-10 01:42
    0 0
    I googled to find out what map was being used and I found this one......http://www.farming2015mods.com/farming-simulator-2015/maps/midtown-usa-fs15-map/
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