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Silo FS15 Transfersite v1.0
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Silo FS15 Transfersite v1.0

I didn't make or edit this mod ! I don't take credit for this mod in any shape or form ! This mod works in single player only so it would be great if someone could get this mod to work in multiplayer. This mod was for the pleasant valley V2 map. Wouldn't recommend this mod to the Farming simulator puriest ! The way this mod works is you place silo pipe anywhere on the map and it will fill tippers with whatever you have stored in your farm silos. This mod has placeable dump points as well that will work with your original silos. You could for example dump right next to the field your working again not for the puriest ! If you are useing this on the pleasant valley map all you have to do is fill the original mining silos and use the dumping points for the other fruits. I HAVEN'T tested this mod on other maps.  See mod description.

Eisbearg is the author ! See mod descripiton !

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