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Silo Weight Pack v1.0
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Silo Weight Pack v1.0

Silo Gewicht's Pack of Hamker Construction's
We hereby make our weight pack to download. It is a work of Sno_0py and Matrix3D from Team Hamker Construction's.
In this pack are 2 front weights and rear weight for the roller driver.
The principle of this Pack's is the downhill should no longer get on the silo, the roller driver can simply pull over and tick the backward downhill and you quickly pull up and release. Is much easier when as with the tow chain.
At the same time the weight of compression used.
The front weights additionally have a front hitch so that you can move her a pendant with the front.
The mods are Log free! Should questions visit us on our website
Lohnbetrieb Hamker
Mfg Hamker Construction's Team

Sno_0py, Matrix3D, Polofreak.

  • Sno_0py
    2015-11-30 16:47
    Questions would be nice next time. Hamker Construction´swww.Lohnbetrieb-Hamker.de
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