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Silos for installing v1.0
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Silos for installing v1.0

Jimkerk Presents:
Silos with cutting edge and partially cover:
The partially cover serves cosmetic reasons
It just looks stupid from when the silage or grass is face there.
The plan is standard, above. So run until the trigger and long press "Enter"
until all plan are hidden.
Then cover as usual retract corn or grass and let ferment.
then go to the trigger for silage or grass removal and long press "Enter" to the gwünschte silage plane remains free.
You can combine with the manual siloplane the course.
Note: The part brücksichtigt cover only the full level-of respective silos.
individual plan level-possibly planned in another version
There are Verscheidene silos doing a big and nice bga silo each 1 large grass and corn silo
1 medium grass and a small Maisilo

Installation instructions:
The silos folder in the Maps folder and the folder where the script there ModeSc ist.Oder depending on how your map folder strukrur
must be adapted ist.Dann built the path to the script, of course.
As usual import the desired silo in the map.
Place so that the concrete side parts so just look out of the ground.
or more of the trigger / grid see pictures of some of the cover from the bottom looks.
map store.
map ModeSc open and make the following entries
</ Text>
<Text name = "discover"> <s> Silo discover </ s> <de> Silo discover </ de> </ text>
</ L10n>
<Additional source files>
<Source file filename = "scripts / SiloPlaneTrigger.lua" />
</ Separate source files>
ModeSc save and have fun
Have fun gamble

Ideas, Models and Structural Implementation: Jimkerk
Script: Baby Blue
A huge thank you to Baby Blue for writing the scripts
1+ with asterisks ****

Idee ,Modelle und Bauliche Umsetzung :Jimkerk
Script: Bluebaby

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