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Silo system by Vaszics
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Silo system by Vaszics

Silo system by Vaszics 1.0


Dear players!

I thought that many people want a simple, but the game less complicated in terms of storage system. This is my first version of this proposal. In order to further thought or preprocessing the i3D files I left.

Have fun


  • Zorlac
    2016-06-24 14:48
  • Vaszics
    2016-06-24 15:07
    I am glad that I could help.
  • Ztpower
    2016-06-24 15:39
    you make placeable ok
  • Badass farmer
    2016-06-24 16:09
    Looks cool.Is it placeable????? and if not, can you make it placeable??
  • Vaszics
    2016-06-24 16:23
    Because of the size and the versatility to maintain, I do not want to do version can be placed. Giants Editor easy to load and can be changed.
  • Kuhzucht
    2016-06-24 17:42
    kaputte maps und zu dämlich was platzierbar zu machen geh in den Sandkasten
  • Vaszics
    2016-06-24 18:36
    Thank you for your criticism, but as we all know of tastes different.
  • Bufaloe
    2016-06-24 19:39
    Can't get the doors to open.
  • Vaszics
    2016-06-24 19:53
    Dear BUFALOE and everyone!The timeControlledslidingGate.lua file to be placed in the current game / scripts directory, and the file MODDESC refer to it.I apologize for the inaccuracy.
  • Julien
    2016-06-24 22:45
    Merci a l'auteur,très jolis silos.
  • Walgalla
    2016-07-08 23:27
    Ohh men, this what I look for a long time! Thank you! Great job!
  • Vaszics
    2016-07-09 20:14
    Thanks! I am pleased I did.
  • Bufaloe
    2016-11-29 08:41
    Is there any way you can make one of these for Farming Simulator 2017?
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