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SimuBrowser v3.0
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SimuBrowser v3.0

Welcome to SimuBrowser
The completely new tool (hence as a new mod) was completely rebuilt so that any questions or experience problems more.

What is the SimuBrowser.?
Quite simply, an application which allows you to quickly and easily find mods
(There are probably mod thieves doing so I've taken just about 99% .de sides.
The application now has not only the many buttons.! No, there is now also a VIP area (information on the button VIP)
A new addition was also a sponsor namely lsinfo.

What can he have.?
He can not live in this version still streams start (no more)
As was rumgeheult in the latest version is only in the browser, for example, a detailed description.
The SimuBrowser was tested on 3 different Pc's
PC1: 1,37gb RAM 100MB graphics
Time to mod: 00:02:55
PC2: 4,00gb RAM 2GB Graphics
Time to mod: 00:01:55
Pc3: 16gb RAM 8GB Graphics
Time to mod: 00:01:16
Who does not want it does not have the same bad rate ... something pisses on real ... if you think you könnts better then Los -_-

Deutz009 = Nico.Bonert (ich)

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