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SimuRadio v1.5
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SimuRadio v1.5

I was some time ago times asked if I could do something times and now behold it is Accomplished...

Version 1.5
- Antenne Niedersachsen
- Energy Bawü
- Tools Erweitert
- Ping Tool Verbessert
- Youtube Player Hinzugefügt
- MP3 Player Hinzugefügt
- Netzwerkauslastung um 5% Verringert
- LESE MICH Überarbeitet Mit Anleitung usw...

With its compression rate consumes the program 35% less network load
To provide the full function readiness Since there are now some errors been corrected and all dll's Compressed File folders presence ... There is a link here you could ever pull on the desktop ...
But be regestriert When 1x Run MUST The program with you that her community alone;)
Tested virus: CLICK HERE
I Ca2 For days transmitter designs Wanted when you you can 1 Missing me happy to send him per Pn or him manually inserting. [Only pls, m3u Links]
If the program times better than anything arrives from me or I will in the next version make the design ..

Facebook: Click Here
For suggestions and tips, I am happy to ...

can play -mp3 files [Is Actually Possible]
-Design Edit.
-Auslastung Longer decreasing

Mfg Nico.B / Deutz009 / xXNickXx

Modell: Deutz009
Textur: Deutz009
Script: Deutz009
Idee / Konzept: Deutz009
Tester: Deutz009
Sonstige: Deutz009

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