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Single axle trailers Italian Bicchi v2.0
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Single axle trailers Italian Bicchi v2.0

Hello everyone, today I present these 3 small trailers produced by a small Italian company "Bicchi", single-axle trailers are for small businesses, especially in the hill, below you will find all the specifications! have fun! ++ Gianlufarmer92

1 Trailer Bicchi with overcushions: has a capacity of 8950 liters and can contain: wheat rape maize silage barley chaff potato sugarbeet woodchips
2 Trailer Bicchi without overcushions, has capacity of 4500 liters, and can contains wheat rape maize silage barley chaff potato sugarbeet woodchips
3 Bicchi trailer, this trailer serves as storage for seeds and fertilizers in the field, if you approach it with a seeder or fertilizer spreaders one can fill directly from the trailer (side bags seed, you can fill the seeder) (side bags fertilizer, you can fill the fertilizer spreaders)

I hope I was clear enough, if you have any questions please contact me on my offcial page: https://www.facebook.com/Gianlufarmer92-793634070703273/timeline/

Model Fs 2013:352C/converted to Fs 2015: Gianlufarmer92, Script: Agry luke, Washable: Jukka

  • Dnhunhsdiuf
    2015-10-04 17:34 Send message
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    hi I was just wondering where you got that tractor modif u made it can u do a release? if not thats ok but a suggestion for u is to make a Kubota tractor package
  • Silviu1993
    2018-01-08 13:57 Send message
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    mod video here..........https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UA2wtS9Nj3A&feature=youtu.be
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