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SKAMSTRUP Manure Pack V3
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SKAMSTRUP Manure Pack V3

1. Skamstrup Case Magnum 335: Giants, Model EDIT: Kaziu1551, Programing: Dawider Fixing: En-teams, Edit from LS13 LS15 is a Magnum315, Scaleing in Magnum335 and it Skamstrup to JokerModding 2015.
Slurry 2.Skamstrup Trailer: Giants, 1bau Felix, Edit this Skamstrup to JokerModding 2015.
3. Skamstrup Fronttank: Giants, Stevie, JoMaule for FastCoupler, Edit this Skamstrup to JokerModding 2015.

1. Magnum is 335KM, original sound, animated mirrors, turn signals, additional lights, GPS and radio antenna and other minor details.
2. Barrel has 27,000 liters, got new textures, new colors and a number of amendments.
3. Front tank has a capacity of 3000 liters, serving as ballast, and as fertilizer reserve for efficient fertilization.


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