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Skin Schmitz Cargobull v0.8.15
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Skin Schmitz Cargobull v0.8.15

Good day dear community LS15,
I want to make a skin for the Schmitz Cargobull from then-hoffi available to you today. This skin was created by Genra (David). He has to be able to make it to the game community DerKochLP and provided me a bit of advertising for our Gemeischaft.
The syndicate DerKochLP is still very young. That is why we would like the opportunity nutzenum us to introduce you and you maybe soon with us to welcome.
We are looking for community members as the same way as we have fun playing. It must be played not only LS15, but like other games. Currently we are playing ETS2; LS15 (2- to 3 servers); WOWS; WOT; WOAP; Minecraft (1 Server); and and and! If we have sparked your interest then Check it over to our website and write an application. What you have everything bechten can be found on the homepage.
So if you want to skin you have you invite him down and unpacking. Description is the Genra at how it goes.
Well good luck with it.

Your DerKochLP
Link for Schmitz Cargobull from then-hoffi: https://www.modhoster.de/mods/schmitz-cargobull-s-ko-cool-und-s-cs
Thanks to all who help me build this community.

Skin Design: Genra1988
Description: DerKochLP
Idea: l1diablo; DerKochLP

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