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Slurry separator v1.0
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Slurry separator v1.0

Nowadays, it is really worth to separate the manure at large farms!
So it's a Wunschmod; Here the idea is not was my idea.

Version (standard)
Slurry: 40000 liters
Fuel: 2000 liters

5000 liters per hour
The S version is again Solarbetrien, but more expensive to buy, and has only a breakthrough volume of 4000 liters per hour.

Yes I know, it may be unrealistic for some, that as water comes out at, but Wunschmod is just sometimes short of reality.
The mod can be installed on Maps, published and changed, but not offered without my permission to download.

Modell: SanAndreas
Textur: SanAndreas
Script: Marhu
Idee / Konzept: naj123
Tester: SanAndreas

  • Farmking
    2016-06-14 05:05
    Is this placed in GE I assume?
  • Sanandreas
    2016-06-17 09:20
    placeable, but u can it import to ur map with ge
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