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Small MILK TANK with trailer v1.0
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Small MILK TANK with trailer v1.0

Dear Friends of the virtual country
the CSMC team brings a new model milk tank with a transport truck. The contents of the tank is 250 L and can be used for the transport of water. The mod is for those who informed on their cards cows in hard to reach places. The vehicle is towed for operation with a car or a small tractor.
Important! For proper operation it is good to have a card that contains the milchmod this folder mods need the following files are available for download include

The folder contains positionable trigger. The first is a draw-off point and the other labeled with START, is a place to discharge. These triggers can be located anywhere on your card.
Triggers are not the product of CSMC but are fully compatible with the modem truck.

Enjoy! CzechoSlovakiaModsCompany


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