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Small Shed
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Small Shed

Shed for download, placeable in GE


  • Hoosier
    2015-04-18 14:15
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    Thank you SMS, for a great american mod.
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    yet another of Joe's mods uploaded on this site when will you people learn to respect others work!if you upload at least have the kahonies to give CREDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dan
    2015-04-18 21:58
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    is there a mod file for that john deere seeder yet?
  • Yoman
    2015-04-19 03:45
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    when will you people learn joe is an ego maniac seeking attention in any way that he can get it. mostly by keeping everything private (he never will release anything people) posting tons of pictures and he leaks his own stuff under someone else's name to get even more attention. joe and people like him are ruining the game for everyone. no one wants to mod, edit or play anymore because of all the bullshit.
  • Seriousmods
    2015-04-19 05:18
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    This mod has no connection to me whatsoever. It's likely been uploaded by spotremix with my name attached. I have never seen this shed before in my life, even on Joe's map, and I definitely don't have it in my mods folder.
  • Newbie
    2015-04-22 23:59
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    Can anyone help me, when I install this shed using the GE its normal, but when I see it in the game, the shed is white, what did I do wrong?
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