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Small Town America v2.0
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Small Town America v2.0

Farming in Small Town America.
From sun up to sun down, life doesn't stop when your farming in small town America.
By FS 2K+ Modding. A special thanks to Reaper9111 for all your help!!!

Wayne Sumner

  • Mateus kronbauer
    2015-09-09 20:57
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    Interesting how you taked Rafazr's map, edited it and claim it as your own. That's why we have so much private mod's out there.
  • Alexminecraft55
    2015-09-10 21:55
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    dont download this its a stolen private group map. this map belongs to fs-2k modding. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS ITS A STOLEN MOD MAP!!! the owner of the map has already been alerted of this issue.
  • Mateus kronbauer
    2015-09-11 18:57
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    It's isn't even of fs-2k, it's the American Small Map from Rafazr
  • Elijah
    2016-06-16 17:43
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    I fell close to home even without leaving my home while im on this map.
  • Me


    2017-05-16 18:01
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    hey can you convert this map to fs 17 this is a great map.
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