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Small wooden trailer Hunter Camon v1.5
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Small wooden trailer Hunter Camon v1.5

Small wooden trailer Perfect for a small forest enterprise.
Tree trunks are easily loaded and do not fall down unless you drive

I got the timber trailer made ??so that you do not have with the tree trunks they are having trouble Easily loaded by loaders / telescopic handlers I prefer the telescopic handlers. And the Perfect tree trunk length is less than 3m 3-5m I would not cut because otherwise they fall down easily. As I said it is intended for smaller forestry companies because you can use it to transport any huge amounts of timber.
I hope you have fun with it

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Modell: Game-Crystal Modding Team
Textur: Game-Crystal Modding Team
Script: Game-Crystal Modding Team
Idee / Konzept: Game-Crystal Modding Team
Tester: Game-Crystal Beta Test Team
Sonstige: Game-Crystal Modding Team

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