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Snow Plow Pack v1.0
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Snow Plow Pack v1.0

This is the Snow Plow Pack which has a few plows and a map aswell as a snowblower. The map is the Bjornholm map with snow and a few extra areas to plow like new little towns.

Pack Includes:
-Dodge D250 With Plow Bracket
-Plow For D250
-Atv With Plow Bracket
-Plow For Atv
-Plow For Skidsteer
-Snowblower For Skidsteer
-Custom Map To Plow Snow On

You may upload to other sites just make sure you have the credits listed. -Fsfarmer11

Dodge D250 With Plow Bracket: Venom85, Fsfarmer11 Can Am ATV With Plow Bracket: Master Xerion, Fsfarmer11 JCB Skidsteer Snowblower: Fsfarmer11 All Plows: Fsfarmer11 Map: Giants, Fsfarmer11 (Others aswell for buildings)

  • Codyxcore
    2015-12-21 10:50 Send message
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    send me the link for that pickup truck please
  • Codyxcore
    2015-12-21 10:51 Send message
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    nevermind it comes with the pack
  • Tomek
    2015-12-23 16:16 Send message
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    Link of the map please
  • Seriously?
    2015-12-24 01:32 Send message
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    The map comes with it. If you would actually read... Oh wait kids these days do't know what that means.. Anyways if you would have read the Desc you would have seen that the map comes with the pack.
  • Blacky
    2016-03-05 12:09 Send message
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    neat mod
  • Ash1223
    2016-08-12 01:57 Send message
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    stop releasing other peoples mods without permissions!!
  • Dom
    2017-01-19 21:51 Send message
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    is this for fs17 if not can you make it for that
  • Haha
    2019-12-26 23:47
    0 0
    nice one
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