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Soilmod Installer v1.0
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Soilmod Installer v1.0

I've written a small program to paste the Soilmod automatically in Maps.

Create 1.Sicherungskopie the Map
2.Map unpack into a new folder
Open 3.SoilMod Installer
Select 4.Ordner
Click 5.Ausführen
Repackage 6.Map
Would appreciate feedback has funktiniert obs especially
Best regards


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    2016-01-18 01:04
    Have u used it yourself? And if you have than can you please leave a better description of how to use this device properly. This installer has great potential since it is the first that I have seen. However, you need to explain everything step by step. Also try translating to English.
  • User 1
    2016-01-18 01:08
    The problem I had is that I have created folder with a Soil Mod ready map and placed it on my desktop. When I open the installer and click run it says the program has not installed properly and will need to be reinstalled. This seems to be a constant glitch since it reverts back to this state constantly. Thank you for your time and effort.
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