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SoilMod instructions in German v1.0
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SoilMod instructions in German v1.0

Hello everybody,
because now recently SoilMod for LS appeared 15 and my favorite map, the map Holzhausen, now SoilMod-ready, I wanted to delve deeper into the subject SoilMod. Since the SoilMod is quite complex, I had to first the instructions to heart, to understand how it works.
Since the manual is in English, I have translated it into German and would like to make it even share with you. Because a certain part of the LS community does not have much to do with agriculture, therefore Hobby Farming - Virtual Farming - operates and little to nothing about the topics fertilization, herbicide and pH know I have of the German guide with comments my side inserted. This will always look like this: (note:. ...)
Whether you want to read it or not, I leave you, as there are with respect SoilMod much to read anyway.
The manual refers to the version v2.0.x.
Simply unzip the zip. The guide is available both as a Word or as a PDF file.
Now I wish you much fun with the SoilMod!

- The file can not be re-uploaded!
- Approval by Decker_MMIV, which allows me to publish the German translation Modhoster lies before!


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