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SoilMod Reference Sheet
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SoilMod Reference Sheet

This is a printable reference sheet for use with the SoilMod by Decker_MMIV. It is provided in PDF format and Open Office document format. It is not a mod per se, and there is no reason to place it in your mods folder. Simply unzip it anywhere and print either version.
There are lots of things affecting harvest yields when playing with SoilMod. If you have any difficulty remembering things, like me, having reference material at hand can be a big help.
All data on the reference sheet is applicable to SoilMod ver. 2.0.22 and is subject to obsolescence should a new version be published.

Information covered on the reference sheet:
N and PK nutrient level yield modifiers.
pH level yield modifiers.
Moisture level yield modifiers.
Appropriate herbicide use per crop type.
Growth stage effects on soil nutrient, pH, and moisture levels.

Page 2 of the document has some tips for using SoilMod and adjusting the time between growth cycles.
Save your printer ink and only print page 1. You can open the document any time to read the Tips page as needed.

Adobe Reader for PDF and Open Office are both freeware.

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