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Sosnovka Ersatzbruecke v1.0 FunVersion Beta
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Sosnovka Ersatzbruecke v1.0 FunVersion Beta

Sosnovka replacement bridge
have got here is a concrete bridge crafted for those who fear on the Sosnoka Map over the boards to bridge driving :)
There is not much to say, to select the menu for example. under Miscellaneous or trademarks .. Place and over heat :)
Do you want the bridge again Sell then is the point of sale near the small White Shield.
Price: 87.000, -
Daily expenses: 530, -
is indeed what costs the whole luxury :)
And now have fun
lg. Funky

Idee / Konzept: Funky
Tester: Funky
Sonstige: Bitte Melden !

  • Donnie
    2016-07-03 00:47
    yall make good maps you need to make placeable mud
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