Farming simulator 2019 mods
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This is to add storage of straw grass forage chaff silage and manure with conveyor belt and their is a unload for bale to convert to manure allso liqudmanure stoage and the wool pallet collector next to sheep field.

BaleToManure Skript by rafftnix DigitalAmountMover by VIPDani MapSiloBand by Marhu Design by pinguar Raptor 5 (Funkturm )iacappo1977 ( rostige Brücke v 1.0 )Idee und Modelle :Andy1978 (lsfarming-mods.de) Fermenting Silo Script: Marhu (marhu.net)

  • Bump
    2015-11-21 23:10
    Well I tried using this and replacing the 1st version.. every bit of product that I had stored is missing.. all the conveyors are gone.. were they moved from the location of the 1st release? The structure was still there so any idea what happened to all my grass.. chaff... straw.. ect??
  • Pinguar
    2015-11-22 11:03
    yes the mod did not load with your map. so check your mods folder for any errors. look in your error log
  • Bump
    2015-11-22 11:57
    I just went back to the old version.. and everything was back as it was... I am not gonna go through all my mods just to figure out what the issue is seeing as the 1st version of this works fine.
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