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South Haven Map v1.0
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South Haven Map v1.0

This is a map I constructed using the town of South Haven, IN (where i grew up) as a base. This map has a lot of flat land and also as much hilly land. Most of the models are created by me. I added a few features to make managing the farm a tiny bit easier. For those who enjoy or rely on missions I've also included a full set of custom missions to keep you busy. The forest is very large and will keep one busy for hours. Spent a very long time working on this map so I hope some find it enjoyable. I've spent many hours playing this map for testing and for my own enjoyment. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or improvements. This is not a multifruit map and doesn't rely on any mods or DLC.

Author : Daniel Butler

Special thanks to the makers of the following startup maps for mods used in my map:
Stroholm Map V 1.1 Multifruit FOR FS 15 on Monkey Mods : Woodchip Conveyor
Bigtonys_Hagenstedt_15Edition : author joa :Cell-Phone Tower, Water Trough, Yellow Bushes & SpotLights
cherryHillsV11x4byStevie : Digital Silo Meter world of mods
Waterplane & Mapbounds from ModHub

  • Jeremy
    2016-10-07 05:53
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    Very nice map! Everything seems to work fine, no technical issues so far.
  • Tintin
    2016-10-07 08:59
    0 0
  • Tim121672
    2016-10-07 19:30
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    very nice map, love the forestery area and when I added about 20 new objects like sawmills and honey farming I still get no fr loss. great job.
  • Richcanadian
    2016-10-10 03:29
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    Good job on the map dude. Nice to see a mod that works upon download, No log errors. Lots of nice details in the map. Lots of nice big fields to farm and nice forestry areas to work for extra cash. Keep up the good work man. Also nice to see other people posting positive comments on this mod.
  • Rachel
    2016-10-12 20:10
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    I have an issue with the cows. maybe y'all can help. I am wanting to put bedding down which obviously its straw, but when I take it to the shed where you're suppose to put it, says straw is not accepted.. so where do i take this too now? would like to have solid manure :) Love the map and details, just having problems with the bedding
  • Tim121672
    2016-10-20 06:33
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    Mixing station very nice map,after adding a ton of trees ,sawmills, honey farm,washing stations and a bunch of misc. items I still get no lag. awesome job. cant wait to see whats next.
  • Jeremy
    2016-10-24 03:56
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    I'm having the same issue as Rachel: unable to unload straw into the cow shed from a loading wagon. It's a shame, this is an otherwise excellent map :(
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