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Sprayer D028 v2.0
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Sprayer D028 v2.0

The D028 / 4 UNISPRAY is a growing-Centrifugal fertilizer spreader from the former GDR. It was produced in VEB agricultural machinery "Red Banner" chub.
The drive of the spreading disc was performed with about 540 U / min by the rear PTO of the tractor.
The fertilizer spreader was loaded on the sidelines. To ensure the steerability of the tractor laden the D028 was equipped with two support wheels.

Have fun with it.
Greetings frog

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  • Ingo210578
    2015-05-02 13:13
    SCHROTT !!!
  • Frog
    2015-05-11 16:15
    Hello.It is not allowed to change the download link. Please use only the original download link (http://uploaded.net/file/a2hiq3cs) or remove the model from their website.Please respect the work of modders.regardsfrog
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