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Stained seed v1.1
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Stained seed v1.1

Who does not know this man wants to play a new map where the Seedmaster of Marhu was installed and man can not fill the standard seeders there.
This little script creates for one or the other one probably remedy.
In these small scripts you can all standard sowing machines with normal seed or seed loaded stained. (Seed seed2).
Seeds can be stained by normal Giants trigger and seeds can be loaded by shovel.
I have kept the script as small as possible, be loaded via the script only 7 standard sowing machines from the game via the xml.
The script is now nothing earth shattering but one or the other it will help one probably
To find the seeders are Mods!
you can rename the zip folder, of course, as you like it =)
The Mod (package) must not be changed without the consent of the modders and not re-uploaded!
Have fun with this mod I wish you!


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