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Stapelholm v2.0
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Stapelholm v2.0

Hello friends of the Agricultural simulation. This is the Stopelholm. How many can probably imagine from the name, these are a Standartmap Enhancements.

New Releases:
- New BGA
- Cows were moved to the court
- The farm was (added buildings, more details ...) a little Changes
- The seller was change
- A small shopping area has been added (Edeka, Butcher unfortunately no function)
- From the old cow pasture was a new field
- And a couple more embellishments such as Zb bus shelter, power house, radio radio masts ....

- The log has 2 erors and 2 warnings on (I'm already working on fixing this problem) but these errors are not bad you can continue to play without problems
- When traders are 2 cars in the wall (I do not know how to change the if any of you looking please pn)
- PDA is not yet adapted to work

I hope you like the Map !!!
In Verpesserungen and problems you can Notify Me
This mod can not be uploaded to another page. Also not in Altered form auser he has the rights to !!
LG. Fendt410514820

- guter Freund Namens Axel
- hilfe bekommen habe ich von JoPim
- danke auch an jauchenpaul für mehrer objekte
- ein weiter dank geht auch an AGII
- Nick98.1 für die Straßenschilder

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