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Update: This is Version 2 of STATES
This map has flat land and flat fields. It has a Forest, pallet collector, pig, beef, water mod installed.
Pig and beef mod is actually a fattening mod this time by Marhu. You have to purchase the pigs and beef then feed and water them before they will produce more pigs and beef for selling. After some time the pigs and beef will breed so you do not have to purchase more. The sale point is a Butcher up north above the spinnery.
I have successfully used course play and auto combine mods with this map and I highly recommend using them.
I am still working on adding more fruits but wanted to fix some of the problems people were having first before venturing out a little deeper. If anyone would like to help with this please contact me or edit the map as you choose and send me a copy of it. I personally want to thank each and every one of you for your kind words and the many thanks I have gotten on this map. Thank you!
Disclaimer: You do not have permission to upload this map to any other website with out written permission.
Changes: Added sell point for pig and beef, added suckup style bins, added beef mod. Biomass plant excepts silage.
Corrections: fixed field 8 causing ai to get error "you do not own this field", fixed collision mask on border.

Tiago Piloneto
Lazy Mod Studios
American Eagles Modding team
FS-UK website
I've included another video of some changes if you would rather view before downloading.

  • Nick
    2015-02-18 20:57
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    can you put more fields on the map and the price of pigs and beef don't seem right to me but its a really cool map
  • Andy
    2015-02-19 02:47
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    Drive to the top of field 8 zoom all the way out and turn so that you go out over the end of the map and the game crashes
  • Name
    2015-02-19 07:19
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    the map needs to be fixed try to down load it and it caused giants engine to crash
  • Harrier
    2015-02-23 20:46
    0 0
    giants engine crash many bugt :(hope you can fix then soon
  • Karosnake
    2015-02-25 12:18
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    its a really cool map,works fine for me
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