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STATES map is almost 4000 acres of Fields for planting. The landscape has some small rolling hills with plenty of flat
land for farming. Large equipment, courseplay, and autocombine is a must if you plan on working it alone.
Most of the sale points are from the sample map but I have added a few extra mods that I believe you will enjoy.
This map has five additional fruit types for harvesting; cotton, oats, sunflower, soybeans, sorghum.
Oats will produce windrow for bailing. Cotton, sunflower, and sorghum uses the flat head (corn header) for harvesting. In game model works fine.
There is AI pedestrian and auto mobile traffic so you don't get lonely farming by your self.
Field 1, 5, 6, and 9 is owned by player. Field 6 is planted with wheat, field 9 is planted with soybean.
The map is prepared for the soil management mod and the chopped straw mod also.
The new soil texture is something you really need to plow a field to appreciate.
A planted forest at the north east corner of map ready for harvest. There is an extra farm silo to help
eliminate travel time to main farm.
Installed Mods:
Pallet collector mod (eliminates having to empty each pallet from spawner) holds 15 pallets.
Pig, Beef, and Chicken mod (produces pig, beef, and chicken to sale at butcher)
There is 2 beef 2 pig and 4 chicken houses.
!!!note: Buying 100 beef will split them between the 2 beef barns, 50 in one and 50 in the other. Same as Pig. Chickens will be split 4 ways.
100 will put 25 in each barn.
Farmer Andy and pinguar have a trailer that will haul the chickens to the butcher.
Its on www.marhu.net or do a search for Joskin_Betimax_RDS_7500
!note: Silage at the chicken farm will show zero and has no effect on the mod.
per the author it is based off of the pig and beef mod.
Water mod (adding water to the animals will increase yields +10%) The in game chickens has a place to dump wheat instead of water.
Mixing station mod (add grass, straw, silage and it will create mixing ration)
Multi fruit Mod (allows the growth of oats, soybean, cotton, sorghum and sunflower)
Compost Machine mod (converted to produce manure) Shows up as GardenCenter on PDA
beetPulp machine - produces beetPulp for compost machine or sale at GardenCenter. Can be filled with potato or sugarBeet to produce pulp.
You can store beetPulp by the potato and sugar beet barn, and sell beetPulp behind the compost machine (will show up as GardenCenter on PDA)
Chopped Straw mod (may not run well on low end computers, but it has a realism debris effect after harvesting)
Digital farm silo - will show storage amounts on display located by bunkers.
MapSiloBand - I placed conveyors all around the farm to help with loading stored items.
Soil Mod (increases texture viewing on fields, textures are a little darker, and ploughing a field has a more realism effect)
!!!!Soil Management Mod!!!! This is a very detailed mod and if not handled correctly will decrease yields and cause weeds to grow in fields.
SoilManaement mod may seem a little overwhelming at first but I find it to be really fun and adds some realism to game play.
But please read the information txt included in the download.
Included in this zip file is several files.
1. STATES.zip - This is the map, place in mod folder
2. ZZZ_multiFruit - place in mod folder, just leave it as is unless you like fooling with things. (override or delete your existing one)
3. ZZZ_multiFruitModule_Standard - also place in mod folder (If you have this file and it already has the fruits listed or more than what is listed above. Use your original)
It was reported that if you have addFillTypes mod to take it out, these two mods above will compensate. I kept it in and have no issues.
4. zzz_compostSoil.zip - This allows the compost machine to work properly, This machine produces manure for your fields,
to make manure: fill it with beetPulp potato sugarBeet chaff silage grass grass_windrow dryGrass_windrow wheat_windrow barley_windrow woodChips,
6. Brantner_E8041_trailer.zip - used to haul beetPulp. With the exception to beetPulp which is a registered fruit in this map you may not have a trailer that hauls it.
7. A text file explaining the soil management mod and how to use it.
8. This text file in case you get in a hurry and forget to read it.
Mods you need to download.
0. AnimationMapTrigger http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/35932 needed for chicken house doors to operate
1. SoilManagement zip- http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/36108 adds a unique experience to the games farming. Read the Instructions text
2. ChoppedStraw mod- http://www.modhoster.de/mods/choppedstraw--2
Soilmanagement and chopped straw mod is optional, the map will run fine with out either.
The map is currently running on a dedicated server in multiplayer browser with out any issues or errors.
Disclaimer You do NOT have permission to upload this map to any other site with out permission from me! But if you ignore this request, I pray that flees from
a thousand camels infest you while you try to sleep!

Many Thanks to these guys below for their mods and help:
American Eagles Modding Team
Fs-UK modding Team
Daniel Wollschl├Ąger
Jakob Tischler
NI Modding
Jon Cable
OGC modding
Tiago Pilento
Lazy Mod Studios
Bernie SCS
If I forgot anyone please email me, I'll be glad to add you to the list of creators.
But seriously
Thank you

  • Aldrich
    2015-05-06 22:55
    This is an excellent and large map for real farming!! There is some small errors, like the BGA at the cows not emptying completely, but the creator will fix that.
  • Wayne
    2015-05-07 14:23
    now this is a map I love it man thanks
  • Rdkjaer
    2015-05-07 14:37
    Nice map! well done
  • Farmereric
    2015-05-08 01:44
    having problems with the soil texture. after harvesting the field looks like grass, even after cultivating a field it still has the same texture as grass and no change. any help would be appreciated? other than that i love this map. have been playing since v1
  • Allan
    2015-05-08 14:52
    hi Thoms my name is Allan i would to know if i can download this map to play if so what do i need to do to download it to the FS2015 game please let me know and please get back to me
  • Zarek
    2015-05-08 16:08
    Im having troubles getting it to download... would like to have this map it looks awesome if you clould help me on the steps to dowload it thatd be great.
  • Whacker
    2015-05-08 19:00
    Really like your map but can't find a harvester to harvest the cotton. Pleaselet me know where I can find a harvester. Thank you.
  • Common sence
    2015-05-09 16:44
    you got questions on this map.........GO TO THE ORGINAL SITE IT CAME FROM!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nor3msti
    2015-05-11 01:05
    I only posted this map on 2 sites, I just don't have the time to monitor every site and help with every single question, most of the questions you guys are asking has already been answered. I do not mind the map being here but if your looking for answers and updates I will post them on the originally uploaded sites, americaneaglesmodding.com and fs-uk.com
  • Zarek
    2015-05-12 03:03
    I looked at your other site and still cant seem to figure out how to get it downloaded i would appreciate if you could tell me the steps to get the map. thanks
  • Blacky
    2016-02-28 13:00
    good map
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