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SteffensLand2015 v1.0 Multifruit
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SteffensLand2015 v1.0 Multifruit

SteffensLand2015 (sp)
For Mapgestaltung this time I have the map 02 and Map 01
used by Farming Simulator 15.
I have supplemented the Map or with objects from the
Farming Simulator 11, 13 and with their own objects.
Fruits are the standard types of fruit and as Multifruit rye, oats, sunflower, clover,
In the 15 to farm fields 5 fields are mature ordered in advance.
In the yard, a pig, a cattle fattening and a broiler plant are installed.
Furthermore beetMaster100K, the beet chips you can sell at the sugar factory
SeedMaster2k15, seed storage, fertilizer storage, mixing station, and Balemaster
a silo for sale of all types of straw.
An additional feeding troughs can you clover, alfalfa, forage and sell chopped.
For Hogs Feeder V4.0.0 I added the cattle market, where you get the pig bit cheaper.
You will at the composting plant almost everything going on and can then sell at the market garden compost. In the nursery you will also rid manure. For questions about the functions of each installed mods look nevertheless please times according to the website of Marhu.
So you can do more with wheat, barley and maize I have installed the Mills Pack and the accompanying bakery. The bread and baked goods can be sold at EDEKA.
Then I installed the oil company, refinery nor for rape.
Through all the great additional objects with the function Map is very large with 565 MB,
but a round thing.
Extract the RAR file and move the zip files to the modfolder.
I have tested the Map SteffensLand2015 alone and hope that you this map as much
Fun and work as preparing me.
Since the download takes a long time, looking at the video purely whether it's worth.

Greeting Grauer12

The publish or re-upload to other websites, forums is not allowed without my permission.

Required Mods
Cattle Market (C_Joskin_Betimax_RDS_7500.zip v3.5.2)


- Marhu Schweinemast v4.0.0
- Marhu Watermod v3.1.5
- Farmer Andy Hühnermast
- Farmer Andy BaleMaster
- Farmer Andy Rübenschnitzel Modpack
- Farmer Andy Compost Master ModPack
- Farmer Andy SeedMaster2k15 Modpack
- Wirtschaftskreislauf ÖL Teil 1Öl_Company by Kastor
- Wirtschaftskreislauf Öl Teil2Raffinerie by Kastor
- Mkausen Saatgutlager und Düngerlager
- Mannie313 GuelleMistKalkMod

  • Bob


    2015-06-26 20:02
    Video looks interesting, Bread, flour mills, production facilities. worth a try, layout looks good.let you know later on , thanks.
  • Bob


    2015-06-27 08:50
    Welll I have run the farm for the last 5 hours , all production facilities work, But I have one problem to report. I can not get "pig" to unload at butcher. get message ( young animal not accepted here), all names match in I3D and trailer. "pig".
  • Bob


    2015-06-28 02:12
    Well Itook a different trailer ( joskin betimax ) picked up pigs ok, took to butcher, unloaded no problem. the trailer I used first time is the ( Fliegl animal trailer pack ) no problem with Chicken or beefs. The Joskin may be lower to ground level, Maybe why iy works.
  • Kevin
    2015-07-08 00:49
    how does the bakery and oil refinery work?
  • Евгений
    2015-08-18 13:50
    не понятно что делать с мельницей не могу получить муку, не выгружает культуры на мельнице, Заранее благодарен
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